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 Bardot- "Other Side Of Love"

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Mesaj Sayısı Mesaj Sayısı : 72
Kayıt tarihi Kayıt tarihi : 28/06/10
Nerden Nerden : New York.
Lakap Lakap : Beyzz,minnoş,jöni,matmazel.

MesajKonu: Bardot- "Other Side Of Love"   Salı Haz. 29, 2010 10:29 pm

"Other Side Of Love"

Other side of love, other side of love
There was another
She took your trust and threw it away
Leaving you lonely
For too long, so long
I know you've been broken-hearted
It cut so deep you never thought the hurting would end
Just try to forget her, just be strong, hold on
I'm here (I'm here)
For you (for you)
Gonna make you believe, yeah

This is the other side of love
Babe I'll give you everything
You've been dreaming of
After all you've done for me
No one told you there was
An other side of love
God must have delivered
A message from above
The day you came to me
We saw the other side of love

Picture a summer day
A gentle breeze to blow all your troubles away
A picture of happiness
That will stay always
I'm here (I'm here)
For you (for you)
And always will be, yeah yeah

[Repeat chorus]

I happen to know the way you feel
It's happened to me so many times
But baby believe in me
I swear this is the other side
Other, otherside, other

[Repeat chorus to fade]
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Bardot- "Other Side Of Love"
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